What some one says to a great idea . . .
Hello world!
Hello world!

Hello world!

The BIGGEST “MOB” in the world is not the Mafia , Drug Cartels , Yakuza , the Red Dragons or any other “MOB” that you can think of. It is Jane and John PUBLIC – that is you and me. Cases in point in public protests :

The French Revolution , Vietnam War , The Orange Revolution , Iraq War Protests , Berlin Wall Protests , Tienanmen Square , Gandhi’s Salt March , March on Washington , The Boston Tea Party and many many more. So how would you weaken the “will” of the public , simple – Divide and Conquer ” Jane and Joe” . Simple really.

Well , we live in interesting times. Very interesting times. We are at war with an enemy that we know too well – ourselves. Now before you pull the plug , think about it. Our attitudes , causes , beliefs , moral compass , ethics – our being, is shaped by the information that we get through our lives. If you are raised in a violent environment (war , physical or mental or “other”) , that is your normal. And “normal” has become a new twisted word. Remember during Covid 19 where the phrase – “this is the new normal” was batted about? We had the people who believed wholeheartedly in what was being said by the government and their polar opposite. Those who lived in fear and paranoia and the opposite and those who chose to listen to alternative views and those who did not.

And it crushed our way of life , at least for a short time.

We use to all have our opinions with out being attacked , but , we talked , we had banter , conversations and debates. We could walk away at the end of a chat and later meet up with the same person and be ok with it all. Now . . . not so much. With Covid , fear was a strong component of what was put into the mix that made people “unreasonable” and deaf to debate. It tore families and communities apart , to this day. Those who had the shot and those who did not. And very few of the people that were talking to the other side would see , hear or listen what the other side would say. And then , a book was published which most people never really talked about or perhaps were never even told about . There’s a Great Reset podcast and even a 280-page book. And again we have two sides of those who believe it is a good thing and those who do not. Again division . Now , the Woke movement – division. Regardless of your point of view , take note of the divisions . So division after division.

What we MUST do is reclaim our communities , points of view without being in constant conflict or being attacked or cancelled.